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Geek Interrupted.
I can call the past year a lot of things, but uninteresting isn't one of them. The sad part? The past year was practically a geekasm of a year that I was not able to squeeze much out of. Sure, I geeked out like most everyone at the great movies that came out on 2009 (reportedly movie ticket sales surpassed DVD sales for the first time, so it was a good year for movies), but anything more than that 2 hour or so of devotion went past me. Especially, very much to my dismay and to my very dead PC machine, PC games.

Here are some of the games I have been itching to play.

Dragon Age:Origins
Bringing Bioware back to its RPG roots!

Batman:Arkham Asylum
As a comic geek I shy away from most comic-inspired PC games...well because most of them are crap. I got to play this for like an hour and it made me salivate. Then my PC died. /wrists.

from the makers of Diablo 1 and 2. 'nuf said.

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I love dragon age origins. As in you won't regret buying it.

yeah based on what I've seen so far.... I don't think I will regret buying it. Just need to get my PC fixed. I'm on my Mac now >

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