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Mar. 5th, 2010


awareness not fear

A few weeks back there was an email/ posting being spread around the web about how several establishments in QC are implied to have HIV+ workers. It claimed that it got its information from a reputable Government Social Hygiene Clinic. It caused quite a stir for several reasons (confidentiality being a primary concern).

For the past months, there seems to be a lot of media blast to put the fear of HIV/ AIDS in us. I agree with the message but not the means. Why? When people are afraid they make two choices... Fight or Flight. People usually pick flight. They shy away from everything that is related to the source of the fear, even learning more about it. Educated or non-educated, I have met so many people that are afraid to go get themselves tested. Even if they have not engaged in risky behaviors, even if they have never had anal sex (yes, I believe them). Granted this is not the only way to get it... but it is ranked as one of the highest risks. I do not mean to belittle the situation. HIV/AIDS is a serious matter but if the direction is to scare people into celibacy, then we are indeed in a bad situation made worse.

All this fear mongering made me feel like we are back in the 80's when AIDS was still called GRID (gay related immune deficiency).

Here is the official statement from Quezon City Health Department regarding the malicious email.


March 2, 2010
Dr. Antonieta V. Inumerable
City Health Officer
Quezon City Health Department

To: The members/patrons/supporters/readers of this website:

Subject: Daming may AIDS na Masahista

This is in response to the article “ EEWWW Ang Daming may AIDS na Masahista!!!!” posted in this website (puri_titiwang) in February 18, 2010. Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic, Quezon City Health Department, vehemently denies such allegations that we released list of positive VD results of male therapists who consulted in our clinic. The information that was posted were baseless and therefore erroneous, such as:

1. First of all, the staff of the Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic are all professionals. They are oriented to observe utmost confidentiality as stipulated in the Republic Act 8504 (Philippine National AIDS Law). The law states that it is unlawful to release any information gathered during client- doctor relationship most specially with regards his HIV status to anybody except to the patient or client himself.

2. Our clinic is Bernardo Social Hygiene Clinic (BSHC) not Bernardo Health Center.

3. Only 6 out of the 12 establishments mentioned avail of the services of BSHC.

4. VD results does not show signs of HIV, neither HIV can lead to Hepa A, B, and C as alleged by the author (pinton 95). The only way to diagnose HIV is thru HIV Antibody Test

5. All facts mentioned in the article were Fictitious and totally Baseless –
The Quezon City Social Hygiene Clinics prepare and submit monthly reports to the Health Office and to the Department of Health based on accomplishments. We do not mention names of persons nor establishments.

6. Dapat tandaan , hindi lang masahista ang pwedeng magka HIV. Lahat tayo, kung hindi tayo mag-iingat.

7. Upang makaiwas sa sakit na HIV o Hepatitis C and B:
a. Maging tapat sa iisang “Uninfected sex partner”. Huwag papalit-palit ng partner.
b. Huwag makipagsex ng walang proteksyon! Laging gumamit ng condom.
c. Huwag gumamit o magtuturok ng bawal na gamot/droga! Huwag gagamit ng karayom/heringgilya na nagamit na ng iba.

Dapat Tandaan! Ingat Lagi!!!!


Feb. 3rd, 2010


Rainbow Radio Pilipinas Valentines Treat!

*click on the post to see the full image or better yet check out their website at

Feb. 2nd, 2010


I just love Pink!


Jan. 24th, 2010


a word from our sponsors :D

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Jan. 8th, 2010


Geek Interrupted.

I can call the past year a lot of things, but uninteresting isn't one of them. The sad part? The past year was practically a geekasm of a year that I was not able to squeeze much out of. Sure, I geeked out like most everyone at the great movies that came out on 2009 (reportedly movie ticket sales surpassed DVD sales for the first time, so it was a good year for movies), but anything more than that 2 hour or so of devotion went past me. Especially, very much to my dismay and to my very dead PC machine, PC games.

Here are some of the games I have been itching to play.

Dragon Age:Origins
Bringing Bioware back to its RPG roots!

Batman:Arkham Asylum
As a comic geek I shy away from most comic-inspired PC games...well because most of them are crap. I got to play this for like an hour and it made me salivate. Then my PC died. /wrists.

from the makers of Diablo 1 and 2. 'nuf said.

Jan. 6th, 2010


Viral Videos...

Looking at the Top 10 YouTube Videos of the decade .... it made me wonder, laugh and sometimes fear for our generation (check out who took the number 10 spot) and the next one's.

I look at this list and it offer an interesting cross section of how some unexpected things have a way of getting viral. Youtube, for whatever your take on it is, allowed for people to decide what really amuses them. I just thank the heavens that the number one most popular video of the decade was something I did enjoy watching and not something that made me go WTF!?!


Dec. 4th, 2009


Whew. Aljur!

First it was Dennis Trillo that made the TV screen it's Aljur's turn! Hot!
Watch this as he guests in the Moymoy Palaboy part of Bubble Gang. You can just jump to 2:54 where the real action starts. HOT!


Dec. 1st, 2009


random thoughts (01 Dec '09)

The decade is about to end and what a decade it has been for me and for the world. The current issue of time even has it as "The Decade from Hell". To me it is the decade where I found myself. It is the decade where I became an adult... well, at least age-wise. :P


Hongkong hates me... or at least my body does. I'm not entirely sure which. I ALWAYS get sick when I am here and I get skin breakouts. Considering that I don't smoke much when I here (2-3 sticks a day only), I don't get it. Food is great sure but my stomach feels like its doing the chacha after. Oh well. I guess I am built to stay in the provinces even though I have lived most of my life in various metropolitan cities.


I find it extremely funny that a guy who has a girlfriend is more interested in guys and finding out what they are like and is into gossiping more than I am. This entertains me to no end. It also makes me shake my head in disbelief. :P


I wonder why I get more random calls from people that I don't know or those that I haven't talked to in months when I am overseas. True, you could accuse me of just being more accutely aware of such things since I tend to not answer such calls while I'm overseas...but If I don't answer your call 5 times in a row, it probably means I won't answer your calls.


People miss other people for some very strange reasons or for no reason at all. It is funny that people miss you inexplicably more while you are overseas for a week even though sometimes you don't get to see or talk to them in a month while you are in the same vicinity. I think I have to thank TV drama for that.

Nov. 17th, 2009


watch this.


Nov. 11th, 2009


-er mode

About two weeks ago, since I came back from my trip to HK. I have been in what one could call an -er mode. A contruction worker to specific. With carpenters being in demand and my patience wearing thin. I decided to take matters into my own hands. Literally.

Stripping off the old rotten wood....


Hammering in new boards (carpenter did this)...


1st and 2nd coat of paint, looking good so far...


Last coat of paint


Tadah...not yet done but this will have to do for now.... my wallet is already bleeding out as it is... :P


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